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We will suggest the payment options after analyzing the project for Google penalties. The complete list of activities needed to recover the site after it was hit by the Penguin filter is included in the quotation. This is the total and final cost for the entire range of activities. Please note we reserve the right to offer an alternative quotation to harmonize the cost of really large-scale projects.


Will you return me the money in case of a negative result?

Yes, we will refund the payment in full if there is no positive outcome during 2 consequent updates of the Penguin algorithm, provided that the time difference between these two updates is no less than 30 days and the Penguin refreshes no sooner than 15 days from the date of ordering the service

Why only after 15 days from the date of ordering the service?

After we receive the order, we need at least 15 days to do our work, and only then we are ready to expect some reaction from Google. If the Penguin refreshes, say, on day 10, the changes won’t be taken into account.

When to expect the result?

The site will recover only when a global refresh of Penguin algorithm occurs, likely it occurs once in a few months. There is a chance that Google rolls out the algorithm update just after we finished, so the site will recover very soon. Unfortunately, Google does not announce their plan of Penguin updates.

How do you determine the site has recovered after hit by Penguin?

You can see that Penguin penalties are lifted when the free traffic from Google increases soon after the algorithm update. You can see it in Google Analytics.

Is there any restriction to use the service or do you accept anyone?

No, usually we do not have any restrictions. We accept every site that we can see is hit by Penguin. We analyze the site data in Google Analytics to determine if the site was hit.

How do you recover the site hit by Penguin?

We’ve got a job proven workflow and a big dedicated team that uses the well-tried and substantiated methods. Please note we cannot disclose further details :)

What’s the chance my site will recover?

We will be frank with you. Usually around 8 out of 10 sites can be recovered. Thus, we refund the payment if we don’t succeed. You do not lose anything.

Why should I order the Penguin recovery service from you and not from some freelancer?

We provide the service of utmost quality and we have job-proven methods for cleaning up the bad links. Moreover, we increase our responsibility by offering the refund. We maximize our efforts to lift the penalties from your site and to avoid returning you the money :)

Where can I see that Google updated the Penguin?

You can track the global algorithm updates on

How to prevent my site from been penalized by Google?

The best way is following Google Quality Guideline.

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is a codename for a Google algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012. The update is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using now declared black-hat SEO techniques involved in increasing artificially the ranking of a webpage by manipulating the number of links pointing to the page. Such tactics are commonly described as link schemes. More details:

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How does Google Penguin work?

Did you know that the Google search algorithms take into account more than 200 ranking factors and the degree of importance of each of them is specific to each individual site? Did you know that during the year, Google introduced collectively more than 500 changes to their algorithms and to the full implementation of each modified version which is tested on a small sample of users of the search engine?

Today we will talk about the most famous Google’s algorithm – Penguin.

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin – an algorithm designed with combat low-quality sites and web spam. The date of its “birth” is considered to be April 24, 2012. In order not to fall under the action of the algorithm, Google gives a number of recommendations which should be taken into consideration when promoting a site in the search engine. Here are some of them:

–  there should not be auto-generated content on the site ;

–  there should not be unoriginal or pages with duplicated content on the site;

– the site must not provide content or unequal different URL to users and search engines;

– redirection to another URL should not be used to deceive the search engine;

–  it’s forbidden to use hidden text or hidden links to influence the site’s ranking in Google search results;

– it is prohibited the use doorway pages;

– if the site participates in affiliate programs, its own content should prevail on the content provided by the affiliate platform;

– keywords on the page must fully comply with its content;

–  it’s prohibited to create malware or phishing pages and install viruses, Trojans or other malicious software;

– it is prohibited the use incorrect markup for extended snippets;

– it’s prohibited to send automated queries to Google.

If your site has revealed something from this list, and it came under sanctions of Penguin, you can get rid of them only after the next algorithm update, and only in that case, if the site corrected the errors which led to the penalization. With each new version of “The Penguin” updates, the frequency increases, and the speed of recovering from sanctions also increases.

What does Google Penguin affect?

The algorithm affects the ranking of the site. Somebody says that this is not a drop in the SERP, but only sending the site to the position that it must occupy in reality. But this is not true statement, since the reduction of positions in delivery due to the presence and weight of negative factors assessment site, and, as we have already mentioned above, for each site the degree of influence of negative factors is individual, and this is a penalization.

Algorithm and manual moderation

We remind you that the Penguin – an automated algorithm and it will always work as an automated algorithm. But there is also such a thing as “manual approval” of the site, which can also lead to losing positions in the SERP. At the same time, and algorithmic and manual moderation can be carried out on your site at the same time. It should be noted that recovering from the sanctions Penguin algorithm is automatic, but to get out of the sanctions imposed in manual moderation, you need to contact Google technical support and report on what steps have been taken to correct errors on the website.


To determine yourself whether your site was penalized by Google sanction is quite difficult, especially if the sanctions have an algorithmic rather than the handmade nature. It was suggested to Google Moderator to add the feature to the webmaster tools to determine what sanctions were imposed to a particular site. If this feature is added, it will be much easier to diagnose and fix bugs site, identify specific algorithms.

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